"…every day throughout the years, my sessions confirm to me the simple principle: any malfunction in the body is due to an emotional blockage. By conveying this to the holistic treatment of infertility, we now have outstanding results."

Yannis Sourelis on Holistic Fertility®


Even though I studied Economics and Business Administration (BSc, MBA Hons) in the U.S.A and worked as a senior executive for several multinational companies, I always felt the pull of providing personalised customer service. A smile, a satisfied look from a pleased customer was my reward and driving power. In the course of that career period of my life, I came to realize that, for me, the human factor was and would always be of paramount importance.


Through my own experience –firstly as a patient - of homeopathy and acupuncture and later of reflexology and electroacupuncture, I became aware of the unique self healing force inside each one of us.  I was filled with admiration and gratitude for the commendable therapists that brought it out in me. I lived the benefits of an alternative healing philosophy different from the Western medicine I knew of. It was a holistic approach that values all aspects of humankind, recognizing that they all interact and influence each other.


Having personally experienced the benefits of this approach, I was naturally to what, in retrospect, was always my vocation. Namely, to contribute in making my fellow humans feel and get better. After three years of study at the School of Alternative Therapies NHS, I was awarded the diploma for Reflexology and Electroacupuncture. I subsequently practiced at the Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center and “Therapeutiki”, in Nea Smyrni, Athens. To maximize benefits for my ‘clients’, I introduced the innovative technique of Dr. G. Epstein’s Healing Visualization and afterwards, the remarkably effective EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) – Tapping. These two truly innovative techniques amplify and complement the positive effects of Electroacupuncture and Reflexology in spectacular ways.

Over the last eight years of working exclusively as an alternative therapist, I have had the satisfaction and honour to successfully address health issues such as heart disease, musculoskeletal pain , migraines, phobias, addictions and others. My prior experience of stressful business environments helped me be responsive to my clients’ problems while remaining grounded in a line of work where one runs the risk of being marginal or be seen as quaint.  And so, every day throughout the years, my sessions confirm to me the simple principle: any malfunction in the body is due to an emotional blockage and, almost invariably, the other way round. For many of us in these times we live in, anxiety, phobias, insecurity and lack of self-worth walk with us.


It didn’t take me long to notice how these factors impacted harmfully on couples in their most important endeavour: to have a baby. After all, I had similar challenges in becoming a dad.  I met people who were fed up with the traditional medical approach, without reliable information about the risks and potential dangers, having practically zero rates of success and burdened with the unbearable but uncompromising cost. I met women who were on the undeviating road of hormones and related side effects, injections and most importantly, with violation of their dignity in the perfunctory way they were treated by "pros" in the IVF business. Many would report feeling no longer human but like a chunk of flesh that had to endure whatever for the sake of having a baby.

Having confidence in the effectiveness of the techniques I apply, I decided to target them at enhancing fertility. I studied specific  acupuncture points that help to activate, program and prepare the body for creating and delivering a child. I designed specific pressures and reflexology combinations to be applied at points on the hands and feet that relate to increasing fertility and introduced particular visualization exercises aimed at cleansing past inhibitory memories. Finally, I enlisted the pioneering technique of EFT-Tapping which directly confronts unresolved psychosomatic blockages so as to make new beginnings in life and, in this case, of life.

Thus I developed the Holistic Method for Enhancing Fertility aka Holistic Fertility ®. It is an integration of specialised elements of effective, proven and risk-free alternative techniques, a process targeted exclusively to treating infertility. But most of all, it is a responsible alternative therapeutic method that respects the sacred purpose it serves. It assists. It does not afflict.  It does not treat women harshly and disjointedly but with esteem and poise. It does not strain or debilitate the body. On the contrary, it ‘tunes’ it to the desired pitch in a gentle and constructive way and this, within a predetermined framework, the effectiveness of which is based on well-founded research and at no risk to the woman, the man and tthe future health of the unborn entity.

If the testimonials of my clients to date as to the end result fill me with contentment and thanks, my contributing to the advent of new life is nothing less than priceless compensation.