Secondary Infertility

Even though you already have a child, do you find it difficult to get pregnant again?

Not to be able to have another baby is more common than fertility issues. Approximately 60% of couples with infertility problems face the issue of secondary infertility. And yet, secondary infertility is not treated with the importance it deserves, considering how stressful it can prove to be. It is as serious and difficult a situation for the parties involved as is infertility. There are studies that show it is even more aggravating in terms of stress and mental anguish.

Having one child does not always reduce or replace the desire for another. This may sound odd to one who has no children but it’s true. Couples with secondary infertility can feel the same desire, longing and frustration as couples who don’t have children. And to make matters worse, they may be subject to social pressures from their friends and extended family or even from their first born asking for a sibling; pressures that couples without children don’t have.

Secondary infertility and attempts to overcome it may also cause friction between the couple, as the time and money spent on IVF, for example, could go on other things or on the child you already have.

Whatever the case might be, our approach to secondary infertility is with utter understanding. We do not undervalue your distress and are confident that the implementation of Holistic Fertility® will help overcome the difficulty of your having another baby.