Testimonies by our recent mums!

These signed testimonies are by ladies who were at an age where their chances of getting pregnant were slight (2-10%). Most had been by their physicians diagnosed with unexplained infertility and/or were exhausted from constant surgical or other interventions.

“From young I believed that there’s an energy that points you in the right direction and at the right time, and if you are open to the calls of life you will be rewarded when the time is ripe. It was somewhat in this way, that my acquaintance with Yannis Sourelis took place.
Our meeting occured at the right time, as if all had been agreed upon -without my making any arrangement and as if someone wanted to surprise with something that would bring me joy-. I say this because we met somewhat awkwardly at the KAT General Hospital of Attica. I was visiting a good friend of mine to support her going in for an operation the following morning.
Yannis was also there. We chatted and he explained to me exactly what it was that he did. I told him I’d be interested in him helping me unblock my body, since my husband and I had been trying for a baby for the past year to no avail. A year of trying went beyond my givens.
And so we started off. I went on to a new path, unknown to me, newfound but very promising, seeing Yannis’ zeal and desire to do everything he could to achieve the goal.
The Holistic Fertility method is a gift you should make to yourself if you respect and love yourself. It is painless, you don’t take pills and therapy is with what nature has provided.
We succeeded!! Soon we are to become parents and, most importantly, within the timeframe Yannis had told us we would. Our efforts bore fruit. We didn’t miss a single session and followed to a tee what he said we should. I think we were exemplary students!
Yannis, we thank you.  You’re more than the family’s reflexologist … you’re a friend!"
Katerina Yiannakopoulou

" In my arms I’m holding my son, just 10 days old, and I can’t believe it.
After a number of years of trying, following anguish and setbacks, we did it! Yannis always believed that we could bring a child into the world. From the very first moment he ‘embraced’ us and dealt warmly and methodically on the issues that concerned us. He has the gift of listening and leaning over each person’s problems, finding the solution and moving on in concert. As for me, he has helped me tremendously in my life. Always explanatory, he attempts and provides balance with all ‘tools’ at his disposal.
He is indeed charismatic! "

Paraskevi Valasaki

"I began attempts at  having a baby as soon as I got married in my 40’s. I underwent IVF because of problems with my fallopian tubes but with the otherwise excellent hormonal profile of a thirty year old and with my doctor’s prognosis for certain success.
After three years of incredible distress that included IVF interventions and mainly due to a series of doctors’ blunders along with a corresponding, almost cynical, unconcern as to their mistaken evaluation, I had come to possess a frail endometrium that nullified chances for successful pregnancy.

So, at 43, I wanted to at long last find a way to end this, my disintegration, firstly as a personality and in spirit and then in body, in my quest to have a child. So I decided to make one last attempt but with taking the situation in my own hands somewhat.

Because, as I mentioned earlier, I by then had a serious problem in my endometrium and I had read somewhere that in such cases research has shown that acupuncture helps considerably, I asked my homeopathic practitioner whether she knew to recommend me an acupuncturist. She introduced me to Yannis. I started sessions with him. Actually I could not follow them all because I had thought and decided this at the last minute and so I did only four session up to the point of the embryo transfer.

It was the only IVF treatment where I literally paid no attention to what the doctor was telling me, I didn’t search the internet for more explanations. I did not torture myself with any of these things in the course of the one month that this process takes.  I put doctors aside and focused on myself. Yannis had told me that "to get pregnant, you shouldn’t care to not get pregnant."

Each woman most likely has own mindset on this issue and requires a different approach to it. But truly, throughout the course of this final attempt I DIDN’T CARE AT ALL AS TO THE OUTCOME. My endometrium, while at the start and during the process was inadequate, as always, on the day of embryo transfer, miraculously, it was in prime condition. And at the end, my test was positive.

What I managed to achieve in these four sessions under Yannis’ guidance, was to rid myself of the past, from the hardships I went through, both mental and physical, from whatever guilt feeling I may have had in relation to the issue of motherhood and to feel cheerful and strong and able to say that I put an end to this attempt in this regard.

Essentially, because of my age, that’s what I was searching for inside, namely, for the strength to say 'STOP' and carry on with my life, reconciled and at peace with myself. And, no sooner had I mustered the strength to say it, when came the ‘START’. As I write, I am three months pregnant and tomorrow I’m going for my first majot test, the nuchal translucency. I want this child like crazy. I want it to be healthy, but then again, I am tranquil and convinced that no matter what, through these sessions I found the way to administer the strength we all have within to face whatever in life. "

Georgia Stasinopoulou

I’m in my  22nd week of pregnancy, I see my tummy getting bigger,  I feel our baby’s fluttering and am filled with joy. I am grateful for every moment. It was not an easy road. We began trying more than three years ago,  with a positive test at the end of six months received with an incredible joy that was unfortunately short-lived.

The pregnancy was biochemical, that is, no fetus was formed. These things happen, we thought, and carried on until, again in six months, a delay, a test and a blood test. Yes, we had achieved pregnancy, all was going well, we heard the little heartbeat and then on the 2nd month some blood showed. Retrograde pregnancy. Our unhappiness was immense.  But we didn’t give up, we carried on trying and in the course of a year again two biochemical pregnancies again with corresponding short-lived happiness.

It was at this stage of my life that I went on to Mr. Yannis Sourelis’ therapy program.

From the outset, I felt my body unlock. I felt light and, most importantly, I enjoyed sex with my partner as ever before.

We continued the sessions and every time I felt my body unfolding more and more. I felt a river of energy flowing inside.

For the days of ovulation, he taught me a visualization that helped me believe a lot that I would make it. And during the fourth session I visualised our baby; without guidance, it just appeared. I knew I was pregnant.

Indeed, I didn’t have to conclude the treatment, that is, the 5th and 6th sessions. What helped to me get to this stage, that is, for my pregnancy to flourish and bear fruit, is that I continued the reflexology sessions and visualizations with Mr. Sourelis.

In this way I harmonise with the changes taking place in my body and, most importantly, ae in command of the feelings of dread because of my previous experiences. I feel such release and wellbeing after each session that I can’t wait for the next one.

I believe that this method had the fastest and most immediate effect. In the course of three years I had tried various alternative methods and though I felt an inner balance, they didn’t bring the desired result.

My wish to those women who decide to start the program is for them to experience its beneficial results. I wholeheartedly wish you success."

Alexia Exakoustidi
October 2011, Papagos

"For the body to be healthy, the mind must also be healthy." Following Yannis Sourelis’ program, I came to precisely understand this wise saying. I managed to rid myself of fixations that were the cause of my various psychosomatic problems. With his devotion, compassion and wisdom, Yannis helped me to get pregnant with my first child, after four hard years of difficulties and constant disappointments, two resorptions and two biochemical abortions. What impressed me mostly throughout the course of the treatment, is the power of visualization to fill me with confidence every time.

I am grateful to Yannis who made me believe I can be a mother. "

Katerina Aravosita-Theodoreli

Zoumberis - Athens

"Only a woman who was or is on the hard road of trying to get pregnant can feel the varied and difficult emotions with mood swings that can lead her not only into deep sadness that she doesn’t know how to handle, but can also end up ‘locking’ her body, thereby achieving the exact opposite of what she desires.
I speak from personal experience, of course. My story begins three and a half years ago when with great joy and optimism my husband and I began attempts at bringing our child into the world. These years were eventually very difficult years since they included many unsuccessful natural attempts, failed inseminations, an unsuccessful IVF and all these with absolutely no medical justification as to my inability to conceive but were simply put down to unexplained infertility!
No matter how hard I tried, my psychological state was very poor, pain and sorrow grew more intense, emotions such as jealousy for other couples that succeeded ran deep. Permanent despair had settled in my heart that I didn’t want to admit to. I felt I had reached the threshold of mania and all this while outwardly trying to appear well, happy and unbothered! And so came the time when I literally touched bottom and decided with all my might that I had to do something and that I, and as a couple, deserved.; something different and very good.
I went on the wonderful road to self-knowledge via many different ways. With a lot of hard work but with a positive mind-set and perseverance, I began to balance and find myself again, find the strength and joy in my life. I travelled distances, saw significant changes in me and felt that I was in a position to conceive… but deep within I felt an important piece missing.
I was fortunate to very quickly find this important piece. It was Yannis, who, playing a catalytic role in my life, led me to now be experiencing the magnificence of pregnancy as I’m in my 3rd month.
In a magical and wonderful way, Yannis joined up all the fragments  of my hitherto experiences, gave meaning and value to what I had done and guided me much further than where I imagined I could go. He put into practice what I continue to believe, namely, when you have a problem, it’s not what you must do but what you must learn.
With genuine affection, humanness, determination, knowledge, experience and utter confidence, Yannis methodically unblocked those things that neither I was aware of being blocked at the psychological, physical, emotional and spiritual level. Each of our sessions was a revelation and the joy and gratification at the conclusion of each one, is indescribable.
Reflexology had from the beginning amazing results everywhere I first felt it. Electroacupuncture at the fertility points had such potency that I could feel the balance in my body gradually returning. Healing visualization was stunning every time, culminating in an unaided visualization of my pregnancy from the first day of conception. Finally, EFT (which I already knew and practiced as a highly effective aid), was different with Yannis because it was so well focused on my negative convictions that it managed to get rid of them forever.

We did not conclude all 8 sessions because in the 7th I had the joy of a positive pregnancy prediction! I will remember those sessions always, as one of the most wonderful things that happened in my life.

Yannis continues to stand by me and my pregnancy. His role is again catalytic. I am experiencing an absolutely self-aware pregnancy, happy, without phobias and with great faith.

Yannis, I feel fortunate and thankful, not only for the miracle of pregnancy you helped me to, but also for the life lessons I continue to receive from you. I thank you with all my heart for your being."

Anastasia Vaskoudi
June 2012

“Mr.Sourelis, as a reflexologist and as an individual, encompasses all the axioms that make up the true meaning of a healer. He is compassionate, kind, caring, loving, enthusiastic, learned, and a rare listener. His care for his patients is absolute, his mastery of the technique is simply divine, thus resulting in a bond between healer and patient that can only be described as sacred. Most importantly, my experience with Mr.Sourelis is based on a foundation of deep friendship which was developed through many years of his 'holding my hand' and helping me face debilitating migraine trauma, oftentimes excruciating lower back pain, menstrual disorders, and chronic depression . I am privileged to have met him, feel lucky to welcome him in my home as my healer for over a decade, and sincerely look forward to benefitting from his miraculous hands for as long as he'll have me as a patient.”

Elena Papacostas

Biochemist, Pharmaceutical Company Executive - Nea Makri , Athens, Greece


"In 2005 I broke my right leg and since then there remained a permanent ache in my other leg which with my job got worse. Also, I very often have lower back and shoulder pains. Since I began sessions with John, the pain in my legs disappeared, which was something I did not expect. As for the other pains, I make sure that I have sessions in good time that give relief. In general, sessions with John are a unique experience. He is a specialist who truly bends over backwards to solve your problem. The most important thing for me is that my spirits are lifted after each session. John, I thank you so much"

Christina Chantzaridis

Costume Designer – Cholargos, Athens


"With John we met on the most difficult (so far) 15th of August of my life. At first he was but a voice on the mobile ... but which did however make a correct ‘diagnosis’, since with simple advice and from a distance the voice succeeded in less than 3 days to dissipate  the outburst held in me.

Since then, we meet regularly. And although, I imagine, it would be easier for both of us not to talk too much when with slight twinges ("so it should be" he says)  he gives the orders for the self-healing mechanisms to get to work, we talk incessantly, usually of presentient things. Thus, I have received answers to questions ("why is yawning contagious?" being one of them) with which the "western" approach will never begin to wrestle…”

Orestis Davias

Botanist - Halandri


"The reflexology practiced by the genteel hands of John Sourelis is an outstandingly therapeutic-relaxing foot massage which I have found to have a significantly beneficial effect on the state of my health. In our sessions, Yannis determine what parts of my body are not functioning and with reflexology helps my body activate its own healing force and thus to recover its balance and smooth functioning. For this alone, I am grateful! " ...

Maria Mikedaki

Lecturer in Archaeology, University of Peloponnese – Faliro, Athens


"By reflexology with John, I faced anxieties, my panic attacks stopped and I saw a great improvement in how I was able to concentrate my thoughts. Also, Euthemis, my 3 year old nephew, had a severe constipation problem and five reflexology sessions with John solved that problem for good."

Christos Voukas

Accountant – Drapetsona, Attiki


" I was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis, a musculoskeletal condition where the soles of the feet hurt very much and up the heel. I could not walk and the doctor recommended that I administer a lot of cortisone injections in the entire area. I commenced reflexology with John and have never had to do them. From the very first session I had a 60% improvement and after 3-4 sessions I stopped hurting completely. In addition, I noticed that even though I was going through a trying period, reflexology put me in a good mood and in a state of general well-being."

Yanna Sahinis

Businesswoman - Papagos


"It was greatly impressed that in the first session with John I/he felt a blockage in the reflex points of the liver and lungs, which problems were later confirmed by the doctor. With the sessions I became not only better but felt that much had changed also at deeper levels. Without doubt, the cause can be healed and not just the symptoms. "

Lina Panoutsou

Hagiographer - Argiroupolis


"My six month old daughter was suffering a constipation crisis for a number of days and nothing that the paediatrician recommended worked. With just one reflexology session she went straight to the toilet and the situation has since been permanently resolved. "

Elena Karamichalou

Radio producer, journalist - Ano Glyfada, Athens


"Reflexology with Yiannis Sourelis helped me immensely and I recommend it unreservedly."

Stelios Parliaros

Patissier - Athens


“Reflexology, beyond the healing properties that it has in even the most critical of cases, has made ??me change the way I think.”

Fotis Sergoulopoulos

Presenter, Actor – Pagrati, Athens