Issues that may concern you

Do you suspect you may have a problem and wondering if there is anything you can do before turning to IVF?

If you have been trying unsuccessfully to have a baby for more than a year, you should do a prenatal check to investigate the physical reasons as to why you haven’t been able to conceive. You may then feel that the only option available to you is IVF.

But, you are now given the opportunity to try a harmless alternative before proceeding with the painful, expensive and uncertain process of IVF.
Do not close yourself to this option. You can increase your chances of conceiving naturally, without medication, hormones and other chemical or surgical interference. Our advice is for you to proceed with resolve to succeed, with a sense of priority and determination that you will achieve what you want so that you avoid the stress, problems and expense of IVF.

Most fertility experts concede that IVF has limited rates of success and developments over the years have been less than impressive. On the other hand, it is usually possible to increase the chances of natural conception and pregnancy through alternative methods such as the one proposed here. For most women, the techniques we propose to apply solve the issue of infertility.

Are you already under IVF? It’s still not too late!
An electroacupuncture session that approximately coincides with the embryo transfer has been shown to increase the probability of successful implantation. Also, should you feel that the IVF process is causing you stress, a few sessions of Reflexology, Healing Visualization and EFT-Tapping will psychologically bolster you and help you get rid of it.

Are you about to start the IVF process?
A Holistic Fertility® session during embryo transfer will be of great benefit. Research has, however, shown that many of the benefits of Electroacupuncture, Healing Visualization and EFT-Tapping are cumulative and it takes a few repetitions to achieve the best possible results. Therefore, we would ideally want to start the sessions before your starting the IVF process and to continue with them throughout the course of your IVF treatment. That would be a total of six to eight sessions covering the full Holistic Fertility® method.

But what happens if you do not get pregnant in the course of this IVF cycle?
The beneficial effects of the Holistic Fertility® sessions you do, last for some time after the end of the IVF cycle. Even if you don’t achieve pregnancy with IVF, you have the opportunity to conceive naturally in the interim of two IVF cycles. We suggest a few regular sessions to raise your prospects of pregnancy without IVF and to maintain you in fine form until such time as you may want to try IVF again.

Have you already tried IVF to no avail or do not want to try it at all?
It is plain that if financial, ethical or other reasons prevent you from undergoing IVF, the Holistic Fertility® method offers a dependable alternative, free from medications, side effects, risk and nervousness.

Do you feel that it is too late to get pregnant?
That you are too advanced in years to try again? It is a fact that when one speaks of the fertile age, one refers to a relatively short span of time. If you are around forty, you may find that the classic IVF methods are not apposite. They may even put you off trying. Without wanting to give you false hope, seeing that fertility declines steadily from around this age onwards, the method we recommend will maximise your likelihood of conceiving, assuming, of course, that you are still fertile.

And what if the objective is not achieved?
Regrettably, even though we try our hardest, not all women get pregnant. It is true that as time passes and one grows older, many women tend to get worried, stressed and depressed with the situation. The work we do on both the physical and psycho-cerebral level, ensures that whatever the result on the objective, it will have the minimum possible impact on your being and for the rest of your life. That’s because the sessions have not to do only with the advent of a new life, but also with the activation of your inner strength to transcend a stressful situation and carry on without burden. Moreover, as we work together, we build a relationship of mutual trust. You can refer to us at any time, regardless of whether we are in active treatment with us still or not.