Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)


How long does the Holistic Fertility® method last?

The entire process includes a program of nine sessions and lasts just over three months.

I'm scared of needles. Does electroacupuncture use needles?

No. We do not pierce the skin or cause bleeding. We simply apply a practically imperceptible low voltage current (10Hz) to the pertinent acupuncture points and the beneficial result is equal or more than in plain acupuncture. All one feels is a faint tingle or tickle at the point of application. There is no burning, smarting or stinging. Electroacupuncture is an excellent instrument that delivers the desired results.

Must one combine all the techniques of Holistic Fertility®; Is it mandatory to do Electroacupuncture and Reflexology and Healing Visualization and EFT;

None are mandatory. If one chooses a specific technique, we apply it with the confidence that it will benefit you. However, the integration of techniques that constitutes the Holistic Fertility® method was prepared because each of the selected techniques helps combat infertility in different ways. Each has an advantage the others don’t and together they complement each other ideally. That is why we recommend the effectual combination provided by the integrated method. But obviously, the final decision is yours.

How long do the effects of the program last?

There is no clear answer as to the duration of the positive results of the techniques used in the Holistic Fertility® method. From experience, however, we can say that last from many months to several years. If you complete the program and follow it up with a few repeated sessions in line with our recommendations, you will be fully ready for when you want to try get pregnant.


Is there a program that relates to male infertility?

Yes there is. Studies have shown that male infertility is responsible in 30% of couples not able to have a baby. Electroacupuncture especially can enhance the quality and quantity of sperm production and increase survival rate. Healing Visualization and EFT too, have yielded astounding results.

What age is considered too old?

That depends. There are women who are fertile at 50. It seems that heredity plays an important role that can increase fertile age, whereas the wasting of eggs in IVF attempts drastically reduces reproductive ability, bringing down the age limit at which conception can be achieved.

Does the program help women with endometriosis?

Yes it does. About 60% of women with endometriosis face infertility. The techniques used in the Holistic Fertility® method can help reduce pain and improve hormone function. This improvement means a further increase in the ability to conceive.

Does the program help women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)?

Research conducted by Swedish researchers on women with PCOS who were not ovulating, shows evidence that sessions of electroacupuncture repeated over several weeks, stimulated ovulation in quite a number of them.